Monthly Archives: September 2012

Judy Stephens has pieces in the current exhibition at Barry Art Central in the Vale of Glamorgan which runs until October 13. The exhibition is by members of Cardiff Drawing Group which was happy to accept stitch as a form of drawn line and the needle as a drawing tool.

Wondrous Portal 1

“The exhibition theme was books – each artist had to choose a book and illustrate it in some way.  Choices ranged from a Dictionary of Quotations to Zola’s Germinal (illustrated on slices of white bread!), from Darwin’s The Origin of Species to Pride and Prejudice.  I chose Robert Browning’s poem the Pied Piper of Hamelin from the Oxford Book of Story Poems. 

The music stopped and I stood still

“Two of my pieces were stitch-drawings of the lame boy who was too slow to enter the magic mountain and the third was a large quilted piece called Wondrous Portal.  I went a bit wild on the technique  with this, really trying to draw and scribble with the needle over slivers of fabric.

Prof. Tony Curtis with Judy’s work behind him

“You can also see my three pieces peeping out behind Professor Tony Curtis, an eminent art critic, who was invited to lead a discussion about what constitutes drawing.  This was an evening event last week which was open to the public.” – Judy
The next exhibition at Barry Art Central will be Spirit of the Celts – opening October 20!