Monthly Archives: November 2012

Visitors young and old have enjoyed seeing the Spirit of the Celts quilts at Barry Art Central. Judy took these photos there this week:

Linda and Hugh Evans marvel at the artistry in one of the quilts

Quilts appeal to all ages – Rita has been to the exhibition five times because she just loves the quilts.

This time she brought with her great-grandson Harley who enjoyed the handling books which gave him the chance to feel the fabrics and textures.

They even encouraged him to have a go at reading!

(Photos copyright Judy Stephens)

I’ve just spent a day invigilating (or whatever the correct word is for gallery-guarding?) at Barry Art Central and was rather taken aback to discover that Phil, the security guard, knew more about things Celtic than I did.
I thought he must have been studying our labels and handling books but no, he was way ahead of me on the tales of the Mabinogion and the ways of the Celts – and he whipped off his uniform jumper to prove it!
“I’m here to stop people doing things like this,” he said cheerily, as he rolled up his sleeves to show me his impressive wall-to-wall tattoos.
His arms were covered with Celtic symbols, knotwork and crosses with, of course, a red dragon thrown in.  There was also a large Green Man “because the tattoo artist wanted to try out the design.”
Gavin and Stacey is the toned-down version of Barry!