Judy the poster girl!

Judy’s quilt for the Quilters’ Guild Region 12 exhibition at the Cynon Valley Museum was chosen for the exhibition poster and invitation: Region 12 Invite
“It was very exciting to get the on-line invitation to our Region 12 exhibition and discover that my quilt was featured. It’s called “Ban Neonicotinoids” – which are the pesticides implicated in the decline of honeybees and hive collapse.  This idea was prompted by the exhibition theme  “Say It with Flowers”.  I had signed a petition against the continued use of these chemicals which are insect nerve agents, already banned in France and Germany, but not in the UK. In reply I got a letter from my local MP, Stephen Doughty, South Cardiff and Penarth, who has since asked for a copy of the Region 12 poster to put up on his office wall at the House of Commons. I would be thrilled if my quilt can do its bit to save our bees.” – Judy Stephens
Here’s Judy’s quilt hanging in the gallery at the Cynon Valley Museum:
Cynon Valley Museum and Art Gallery Region 12 Exhibition
  1. Val Shields said:

    Congratulations to Judy! There is a tradition of women using stitching in quilts and banners to get a political message across and it is as valid today as it has ever been. Well done and great publicity! Val Shields, region 13.

  2. Liz Ferguson said:

    I would love to see this. I lived in Aberdare for 9 years but there was nothing like this gallery then. They seem to be more willing than most to put on Textile Exhibitions which is great.
    Liz Ferguson, in Scotland

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