Two exhibitions by Cwilt Cymru have recently opened at venues in Wales.

Cynefin is showing at the Minerva Arts Centre in Llanidloes Powys as part of the Welsh Connection summer exhibition until September 8th (Tues-Sat).


Our newest collection, Olion/Traces is showing with Cysylltiad/Connection at Swansea Museum as part of the Swansea Festival of Stitch until August 24th. The Festival has a wide programme of exhibitions and events across several venues in the city.

Swansea 1Swansea 2Swansea 3



The new Cwilt Cymru exhibition, Traces / Olion, has opened at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery and runs to March 31st. Here are a few pictures of the gallery and the preview – the snow prevented many of us from attending on the day but Judy Fairless and Mags Ramsay were there to represent us and greet visitors.

Timeline                         Nature/Nurture

 Sarah Thomas      Gwyneth Thomas      Vera Davies

 We all carry traces of our ancestors in our DNA. We also carry other traces – characteristics, skills, behaviours, strengths and weaknesses handed down from one generation to another. These pieces examine how such traces have been handed down through the female line in my own family.

Cottons & silk organza hand dyed and dye-painted by me; transfer adhesive painted with acrylic; free machine quilted.


Cariwn oll olion ein hynafiaid yn ein DNA. Cariwn olion eraill hefyd – nodweddion, sgiliau, ymddygiad, cryfderau a gwendidau, a drosglwyddir o un genhedlaeth i’r nesaf. Mae’r darnau hyn yn edrych ar sut mae olion o’r fath wedi trosglwyddo i lawr trwy linach fenywaidd fy nheulu.

Cotwm ac organza sidan wedi eu llifo a’u peintio gen i; glud trosglwyddadwy gyda phaent acrylic; cwiltio peiriant rhydd.

Traces detail draft photo

Gadael ôl

(Leaving marks)


We leave our marks wherever we tread. Those who came before us left their own marks. The land itself leaves its mark.

Dykes and ramparts, borders and boundaries, footpaths and roads: visible, and hidden, marks in the landscape, and on the map.

The iron-rich shale stones of the hills leave their own black marks.

So needle and thread leave marks, visible and hidden.

Inspired by the landscape of my home –  Bryniau Clwyd and their Iron Age hillforts.

[Silk organza marked by stones; hand dyed vintage cotton; hand-stitched silk thread]


Gadawn ein holion ble bynnag y troediwn. Gadawodd y cenedlaethau o’n blaenau eu holion hwythau. Mae’r tir ei hun yn gadael ei hôl.

Cloddiau a muriau, ffiniau a therfynau, llwybrau a ffyrdd: marciau gweladwy, a chuddiedig, ar y tirlun, ac ar y map.

Mae cerrig shâl llawn haearn o’r bryniau yn gadael eu holion duon eu hunain.

Felly mae nodwydd ac edau yn gadael olion, gweladwy a chuddiedig.

Wedi ei ysbrydoli gan dirlun fy mro – Bryniau Clwyd a’u bryngaerau o’r Oes Haearn.

[Organza sidan wedi ei farcio gan gerrig; hen gotwm wedi ei lifo â llaw; edau sidan wedi ei bwytho â llaw]

Beautiful Surfaces Georgina

Beautiful Surfaces

Nietzsche once said, in a note to a friend, that ‘there are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth’. This pithy, almost throwaway, line, serves to demonstrate its own truth.

In this piece, the imagery speaks of the beautiful surfaces we present to the world which bear beneath them the traces of every encounter, and every experience, be they wonderful or terrifying.  I once thought of my own mark made on the world as akin to footsteps in the sand – washed away and disappearing without trace on the next tide.  Now I know that I hold traces of, and can be traced within, many beautiful surfaces.


Dywedodd Nietzche unwaith, mewn nodyn at ffrind, nad oes arwynebau hardd heb ddyfnder dychrynllyd. Mae’r linell fachog, bron ddi-feddwl, hon yn amlygu ei gwirionedd ei hun.

Yn y darn hwn, mae’r delweddu yn sôn am yr arwynebau hardd rydym yn cyflwyno i’r byd sy’n cario odditanynt olion o bob cyfarfod, a phob profiad, boed yn wych neu’n ddychrynllyd. Unwaith meddyliwn fod fy ôl fy hun ar y byd yn debyg i olion traed ar dywod – yn cael eu golchi ymaith ac yn diflannu gyda’r llanw nesaf. Bellach rwy’n gwybod fy mod yn dal olion sawl arwyneb hardd, ac fy mod i’w canfod ynddynt.

Dorothy website


Thoughts put into writing are a frequent theme in my work.

The letters and documents of the past allow us a glimpse into other peoples’ lives but they are fleeting, trapped in the experiences and understanding of their own era. Writing fades with time and hides some of its secrets. Hand written passages are personal and we feel a desire to read them, while experiencing some guilt at the impropriety of prying into other peoples’ private thoughts.

The past chases us down the years.



Mae meddyliau ar ffurf ysgrifennu yn aml yn thema  yn fy ngwaith.

Mae lythyrau a dogfennau’r gorffennol yn rhoi cipolwg inni i mewn i fywydau pobl eraill, ond maent yn ddiaros, wedi eu caethiwo ym mhrofiadau a dealltwriaeth eu cyfnod eu hunain. Mae ysgrifen yn pylu gydag amser ac yn cuddio rhai o’i chyfrinachau. Mae darnau o lawysgrifen yn bersonol ac rydym yn awyddus i’w darllen, tra’n teimlo peth euogrwydd wrth sbecian yn amhriodol i mewn i fywydau preifat pobl eraill.

Mae’r gorffennol yn ein ymlid trwy’r oesau.


Mags website 1

Fleet Mud Flats          Shorelines          Indigo Ripples

Memories of marks left by the action of water movement on sand and mud. Inspired by the transitional intertidal zones halfway between sea and shore along the Fleet (Dorset). Interpreted  using indigo arashi shibori which itself retains the  traces of  pleats and folds  from wrapping fabric around a pole for dyeing.

Atgofion am olion symudiadau dŵr ar dywod a llaid. Wedi eu hysbrydoli gan y llain symudol rhwng dau lanw, rhwng y môr a’r lan ar hyd afon Fleet (Dorset). Wedi eu dehongli gyda shibori indigo arashi sydd ei hun yn cadw olion o blygiadau o rwymo defnydd o gwmpas polyn i’w lifo.


Hidden Fractures

Inspired by accidental marks on cloth reminiscent of bone fractures and dislocations revealed through X-Rays and MRI scans. Detection depends on the interpretation of the viewer.

Wedi’w ysbrydoli gan farciau damweiniol ar ddefnydd oedd yn f’atgoffa o doriadau ac anafiadau esgyrn a ddatgelir gan belydr-x a sganiau MRI. Mae eu darganfod yn dibynnu ar ddehongliad y gwyliwr.