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Millie Thomas has been working on the ‘one postcard a week challenge’ for the Sketchbooks and Textiles online group. Here are the August pieces:

IMG_1097  IMG_1098

IMG_1099  IMG_1100

and these two six inch squares were made for Ullapool Art Centre for their Exquisite Bodies fundraising event:

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ICHF have accepted this piece, called Nearly Blooming Time, for their next touring exhibition entitled Living World:


Scarcity by Millie Thomas

Scarcity by Millie Thomas

Scarcity by Millie Thomas

Environmental issues are much talked about by scientists and the recent flooding is an indication of the destruction it can do.

However, in the parts of the world where there is little water or during prolonged heat waves, drought can be just as devastating to human, animal and plant life. And is likely to be the future pattern of life on our planet.

This pice of work reflects how our river beds and streams look in areas of drought in our country.

Paper, dye and stitch.

This quilt is part of the Connection touring exhibition by Cwilt Cymru currently showing at Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch.

One of Millie’s quilts, Solitude 1, has been selected for Hidden Histories , the latest ICHF shows for 2013/14. The Challenge is open to members of The Quilters’ Guild and entry is by selection. The show titles, venues and dates are:

Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts Westpoint Centre, Exeter 26-29th September 2013 ,
Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts Event City Manchester, 6-8th February 2014,
Creative Stitches, SECC Glasgow 6-8th March 2014
Sewing for Pleasure/Fashion Embroidery and Stitch, NEC Birmingham, 20-23rd March 2014
Creative Stitches/Fashion Embroidery and Stitch, Excel London 3-5th April 2014
Solitude 1 by Millie Thomas

Solitude 1 by Millie Thomas

“Since becoming a member of Cwilt Cymru I have been inspired to enter more challenges and have been searching for appropriate themes that fit my interest in organic and naturally occurring environmental features. The quilt is based on the ancient rock strata of Ceibwr Bay in Moylegrove, Pembrokeshire and is approximately 26” x 12”. Ceibwr is a place I go to think, retreat from the world for a brief period when necessary and to find solace.”
Millie Thomas